1. What is Charming China IPTV?
Applying the self-developed advanced IPTV technology, “Charming China” can quickly deliver the content and programs anywhere with internet through global distribution network. Just connect the Set-top Box to your television, turn it on you’ll access to the fluent and clear TV programs and high quality services with programs live broadcasting, on-demanding and reviewing.
2. What channels does the Basic Package of Charming China consist?
The Basic Package of Charming China includes over 50 Chinese channels: CCTV-4, CCTV-9, Phoenix InfoNews, Phoenix North America, Beijing TV, Hunan TV and Macau Lotus, etc.
3. How can I install Charming China IPTV?
The installation is very simple. You just need to connect the net wire to your STB then connect to your TV set. Our STB is available with both wireless and wired network. Please call us technology support hotline1-888-800-7808 if you have any questions about the installation.
4. What are the advantages of Charming China?
Charming China IPTV changes the style and habit of viewing TV programs. You don’t have to watch programs according to the schedule of TV stations, and you will never be upset of missing some programs. Instead, by using Charming China IPTV, you can choose real-time programs as well as programs of past hours, even the past two days. The functions such as pause, fast forwarding, and fast rewind can bring you great convenience. All the functions can be realized by a little set-top box. All the functions of the television are provided by the system automatically.
5. What are the requirements to use Charming China IPTV?
Technically, if you have high network speed up to 1MB, you can use Charming China IPTV. Please check your network speed on the following site: http://www.hanyastar.com
6. Can I buy only one channel or some channels of the Basic Package?
7. If I have already subscribed one service, can I cancel some channels of the package, can the relevant service fee be deducted?
No. The price of the service package is fixed.
8. Can I just subscribe other packages or VOD service without subscribing the Basic Package?
No. Customer can only subscribe other services after subscribing Basic Channel.
9. Can I download programs from the Charming China IPTV platform?

No. The system does not support this function yet.

10. In order to be a customer of Charming China IPTV, how long of the agreement shall I sign?

There are four kinds of agreement available: Monthly plan, 6-month plan, Yearly plan and 2-year plan.

11. How can I pay the subscription fee?
For users who use credit cards. You should provide Charming China with a valid major credit card as the designated form of payment at initial sign-up. Charming China will automatically charge your designated credit card for subscription fees. For users who don’t use credit cards. You can send your service fee to the agent to login.We will send the STB out as soon as we receive your service fee.
12. Are the services fee prepaid or postpaid?
The service fee is prepaid, and the VOD service fee is postpaid.
13. Can I terminate the agreement prior to the expiration date?
You can terminate the agreement at any time you want. However, the service fee is not refundable.
14. Can I use a third one’s credit card to apply for Charming China IPTV service?

Yes, you can.

15. How can I find answers if I have questions about Charming China IPTV service?
Please call our customer service hotline 1-888-800-7808 (North America). We will solve your question as soon as possible.
16. How can I register to be a member of Charming China IPTV?
You can call our customer service hotline or contact the local agents.
17. How can I get the STB after successful registration?

For agent customers: You can get the STB from the agent and install it by yourself. For direct marketing customers: We can mail the STB to you. The shipping fee is at your expense Optional Fees The agents can send the box to you and install it in your house. Please see advices from the agents for the installation fee.

18. How long can I receive the STB?
Probably within seven working days, you can receive the STB. (You can get it immediately if you get the STB from the agents.)
19. Can I choose other express ways to delivery the STB?

Yes, but the postal charge is at your expense.

20. Does the billing for new Monthly Subscriptions begin on the registration day?

No, the billing date begins on the eighth (8) day you received the set-top box. The first 7 days are free trying period.

21. If I subscribe the Charming China IPTV service for one year, how many Set-Top-Boxes can I receive?
Each set-top box refers to one fee. You can pay more relevant set-top box fee to get more set-top boxes.
22. When can I watch the Charming China IPTV programs after registration?
You can watch our program immediately after you receive the STB and activate the service. If you choose STB mailing service, you can activate the service after you receive the STB.
23. Can I assign or transfer the agreement to other person?
No. The agreement and the non-purchased Equipment are not assignable or otherwise transferable by Customer.
24. Do I need to provide my social security number while registering?
No. To ensure the security of customer information, the social security number is not required.
25. Can I change the credit card number? If so, how can I change?
Yes, the credit card number can be changed. Please promptly notify Charming China by phone or email whenever Customer’s personal or billing information changes (including for example, Customer name, address, telephone number, credit card number and expiration date).
26. How can Charming China ensure the security of my billing and personal information?
Your information will be stored and transmitted after strict encryption. Our encryption certificate is authorized by verisign.
27. Can I use Charming China IPTV service for trial?

Yes, you will have 7 days free trial period by paying deposit fee and shipping fee.

28. What procedures should I take if I am willing to keep on using Charming China IPTV service after the expiration of agreement?
As long as customer does not cancel the service, the service is automatically considered renewed at the expiration.
29. Will Charming China notify me if the agreement is close to expiration date?
30. How should I do if I don’t want to keep on using Charming China IPTV service after the agreement period? By telephone, email or filling in forms?
At the end of the service period customer should notify Charming China by telephone or email at least thirty days before the expiration of the Annual Subscription period to terminate agreement. Otherwise, the Customer's subscription will automatically renew for another subscription of the same package.
31. If I don’t choose Basic Package, can I use the STB to watch other Charming China IPTV programs?
No. You must subscribe Basic Package and then subscribe other services.
32. Can the same address be registered to more than one user?
There is no limitation about this. But the address should have sufficient bandwidth.
33. Is there any user manual, set up instruction or introduction provided?
Charming China IPTV provides relevant information in Chinese and English.
34. How long is the watching period of Charming China IPTV VOD programs?
Each title of VOD programs will be charged only once within next 24 hours since it is ordered.
35. Can Charming China IPTV programs be reviewed?
Charming China Basic Channels provide programs of the latest 2 days which can be reviewed.
36. What language of programs does Charming China IPTV provide?
Now we provide programs in Mandarin, Cantonese, Wenzhou Dialect, Qiong Dialect, Southern Min Dialect, etc.
37. Where can I find the Charming China IPTV program schedule? How many days does the schedule provide information of?
Customer can find the schedule in the EPG, and the schedule provides program information up to two days.
38. How can I become your agent?
If you want to be our agent, you can call our customer service hotline 1-888-800-7808 and leave your contact information.
39. How can I cancel the service?
For customers who are free trying to use the service, please call our hotline 18888007808 to cancel the service. For other customers who have subscribed service, please call the customer service one week prior to your cancellation.
40. Who will be charged the shipping fee of the Set-top Box if I cancel the service?
If you cancel the service, then you will be charged the shipping fee. If Charming China doesn’t receive the box within 15 working days after the cancellation, you will be charged $200 for the Set-top Box.